Accommodations , Meals, Packing


Accommodations are specially selected for each tour group and always meet our high standards for comfort. B&B’s are most often used with some resort-style facilities when warranted. Whenever possible we select rooms with either queen or double beds and ensuite bathrooms. Usually there is a nice surprise to be had at all of them, be it the unbelievable scenery, the colourful innkeepers, surreal locations, or amenities. We have always had a great response to our accommodations providers and locations.

Meals: We try to accommodate everyone’s different dietary needs; however, the places we visit have a restricted degree of options with regard to specific diets. There is always a vegetarian option for those inclined, and seafood is nearly inescapably on the menu at all locations.

As always, allergies and medical concerns are taken into consideration, and we recommend that riders ask at each facility what can be done to accommodate their special needs. Most restaurateurs will bend over backwards to assist you in any way possible!

What to bring:

Extra clothing like socks, shirts and riding shorts. A light rain-resistant jacket and pull over pants are ideal for the summer; heavy rain gear is only necessary for the winter. If you are caught in a short burst of rain, breathable quick dry clothing is ideal.

Winter jackets and heavy clothing are not necessary, but bring something to keep warm at night when the sun goes down and the sea cools the air. refreshing! Fleece vests are ideal!

Travel Info:

**As of  June 1, 2009, ALL persons, including U.S. citizens, traveling between the U.S. and Canada by land or sea (including ferries), will be required to present a valid passport or other documents as determined by the Department of Homeland Security.


Space is limited so we ask that you keep your luggage to a minimum for the porters who are transferring your baggage; 2 small bags per person.