Mountain, Road or Hybrid? An Overview of Cycle Treks Bicycles

When you walk into our bike rental shop, you’ll find that we have three types of bikes for rent: mountain, road and hybrid (also known as “urban”). Which one should you choose? It depends on what kind of ride you plan on having. Here’s a short primer so you know what to expect when you come to visit us.

1. Mountain bikes for the adventurous

Mountain bikes are made to ride on unpaved roads and trails in mountainous landscape. Their frames are robust and meant to handle difficult terrain. The mountain bike rider has to adopt a low, hunched position, making him or her look more aggressive. Mountain bikes are built for strength and maneuverability rather than speed.

Mountain bikes are perfect if you plan on trying out some of the mountainous trails around Victoria, or if you want to ride the Galloping Goose all the way to Sooke, where the trail becomes gravel.

2. Road bikes for the speed lover

Road bikes are made light and narrow to increase speed and distance. Road bikes stay on paved roads—you would not want to risk going on gravel or dirt on one of them. Road bikes are great for long-distance rides and commuting or for cardiovascular training. The riding stance is low and aerodynamic.

Choose a road bike if you plan on staying on Victoria’s streets or on the paved sections of the Galloping Goose or Lochside trails. They are perfect if you want to cover long distances in a short amount of time or if you like speed riding. The quieter parts of the Goose and Lochside trails are perfect for speed!

3. Hybrid bikes for the indecisive

Not sure what trail you want to ride? Don’t know if you’re going to stay on tarmac or hit the gravel road? In that case, get a hybrid bike. It offers a taller stance and a wheel width that’s between the mountain and the road bike, producing a nice balance of speed, maneuverability and comfort.

Hybrid bikes are great for hitting the Galloping Goose and Lochside trails, as well as the many street and park trails around Victoria. They are versatile and popular with Victoria locals. They will take you over both paved and gravel roads comfortably, but remember that they are not suitable for more difficult mountain terrain.

Rocky Mountain Bikes

All our bicycles are made by Rocky Mountain Bikes, a Vancouver-based company that often supplies bikes to Canadian mountain biking athletes. They are known for the quality and durability of their bikes.

We keep our fleet of Rocky Mountain bikes in top-notch condition throughout the season, so you don’t have to worry about mechanical snafus. You will have fun  (and be safe) exploring the many trails and neighbourhoods of Canada’s biking capital!