Springtime Cycling on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island bike tours in spring in the region.

April: Gardens Awake

During April, home gardeners are hard at work to repair the damage winter caused to their yards. As you cycle through Victoria’s residential neighbourhoods, you will see people plant flowers and tend to their trees. Residents here are proud of their gardens, and it shows!

When April comes, the city becomes vibrant with colors as the city hangs flowerpots above the streets of the downtown core. This moment officially announces the arrival of spring!

May: Rhododendrons and Azaleas

In May, head up the Lochside Trail to the famous Butchart Gardens to see the blooming rhodos and azaleas. The trail follows the coastline and has great views of the Gulf Islands.

Once at the Gardens, take your time to explore the world-famous grounds. You can take a bus (with bike racks) back to downtown if you don’t feel like biking back.

June: Sunny Times

In June, the sun finally comes back to Vancouver Island. It’s the perfect time to explore the waterfront on your bike, go down to Ogden Point or follow the Galloping Goose trail all the way to Sooke to see the potholes. No wonder Victoria is considered one of the best cycling cities in Canada!

If you are visiting us this spring season, don’t forget to book a cycling tour with us!