What Makes Biking in Victoria So Great?

Victoria is known throughout Canada as one of the safest places to cycle in.  Drivers are extremely cautious towards cyclists, and there is access to bike lanes on major roads.  The weather also allows for cycling year round.

Victoria Inner Harbour

This means that not only are people biking more, but also drivers who are constantly used to the exposure of cyclists.  There are also two cycling only trails: Lochside trail and the Galloping Goose.

Galloping Goose Trail

There are constantly events going on to promote cycling within Victoria.  On Friday, April 17th, there will be the Greater Victoria Bike to Work Week launch.  This is an event for people to come and volunteer to be team leaders for the actual event week from May 25-31st.  This is to promote people on how to lead groups of cyclists, as well as to hand out free shirts and prizes!

Bike to Work Week 2

Early in May, before Bike to Work Week, will the Commuter Challenge on May 20th from 7-9am.  This event will be a friendly race between cyclists and vehicles.   Cyclists and drivers meet at the Starbucks located downtown at Fort & Blanshard.  This is the first Celebration Station with free coffee, snakes, prizes, and a cheering crowd of supporters.  From here cyclists and drivers will go from station to station, seeing who can get to the destination first.  This event is to promote cycling in Victoria by showing off that the cycling routes in Victoria are indeed faster than driving.

Bike to Work Week

In May there will be the 21st Annual Bike to Work Week.   This event is the region’s most supported and recognized free community week-long event that attracts over 8,000 commuter cyclists, and includes 12,500 new cyclists with each event.  This event is to promote urban cycling skills for children and adults wanting to gain greater cycling skills.  As well as celebrating cycling with free food, free drinks, cycling maintenance/repair stations, and the opportunity to win sweet prizes.

Victoria has tones of cyclist events constantly happening all summer, and they are not just for the locals!  People traveling from across the country also participate in these events.  The best way to see Victoria is on a bike!