What to Expect – Preparedness, Terrain, Medical


As with any adventure holiday, there are certain risks and uncertainties, such as acts of nature and physical illness. We advise persons coming along on our holiday to adequately prepare for their outing. We recommend a reasonable preparation schedule of cycling several weeks before you arrival. No one knows your body like you do, but conditioning is beneficial. We want you to participate as fully as possible to get the most enjoyment out of your vacation. Of course, for those unexpected days when your saddle “catches fire’ there is always the support vehicle where you can catch a ride and keep the driver company to the next stop.


It is wise to have a medical and physical assessment before any long distance ride or tour. Guides will have any specific medical information that is noted by the client on their registration form. It is up to the client to confirm important information with the guides’ prior to departure. All medications are to be kept on your person. Guides are not responsible for the administration of your medication. Although trained in first aid, they are not licensed or authorized to administer drugs under any circumstances.


Our converted rail-bike trails are mainly flat with no more than a 3% grade anywhere on the trail. However this is not the norm for Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands! Although short and sweet, we are a mountainous area, and light workout hill climbs are inevitable. We cannot stress enough the importance of some pre-tour conditioning before your rides.